Australian lawns usually have at least a small concentration of grubs. It only becomes a problem if the lawn becomes overrun by grubs. Sometimes, a dramatic increase in lawn grubs also attract larger creatures that like to eat their larvae.

Grubs are the larvae of various beetle species. Their eggs are dormant during winter and hatch when spring arrives and the weather turns warmer. Grubs munch on grass roots, and when they grow older, they give birth to more eggs that then keeps the cycle going. Before long, they will cause significant harm on your lawn as the root systems become weaker and more damaged. 

Signs of grub presence

Knowing the signs of grub presence on your lawn helps in the swift detection and removal. Here are some signs that you have grubs on your lawn.


Once the roots get damaged by grubs, the grass will turn yellow as it slowly dies. There will be yellowish patches throughout your lawn. 

Spongy patches

Aside from the yellowish patches, there will also be spongy patches. This, again, is caused by damage to the roots. Grass is no longer anchored to the soil, leading to spongy patches that may be rolled over like a carpet, exposing the grubs feasting beneath.  

Increased animal presence

If your lawn sees an increase in animal presence, such as birds scratching, chances are there are grubs that attract them to your lawn. 

Getting rid of lawn grubs


Nematodes are microscopic organisms that invade the grubs’ bodies without damaging the lawn. Once released to the lawn, nematodes attack the grubs by releasing a bacteria that multiples until the host is killed.  

Milky spore

Milky spore is sold in powder form. It creates a bacterial environment that is fatal to grubs, specifically their larvae. It’s not a quick fix, but once established, milky spore is an effective long-term solution that wards off grubs. 

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