Mildura Turf

Turf Delivered to Your Door around Northern Victoria

We deliver around Mildura and Broken Hill.

We deliver premium buffalo grass turf installation around Mildura and Broken Hill.
Delivering to your door Tuesday to Saturday.

  • Turf orders need to be placed by 10:00am, Monday to Friday, two days prior to desired delivery.
  • All alterations and cancellations must be made prior to 12 noon the weekday, Monday to Friday, the day prior to scheduled delivery.
  • The turf is delivered to your house with a forklift.
  • We normally deliver the turf onto your nature-strip.
  • The forklift needs 3 meters width.
  • Ideally, we need 3 empty car spaces.
  • The forklift is too high to go through a garage.
  • The turf is pushed off the pallet, so you are just left with a pile of turf.
  • Once our forklift is invited onto your property, any accidental damage that may occur is your responsibility. (It is extremely rare that damage does occur but can happen.)
  • Minimum delivery is 20 square metres @ $150 delivery fee
  • Standard orders over 30 square metres @ $100 delivery fee

Pick up your pre-ordered Turf

Pick-up is available from Buronga, Tuesday to Saturday, however the turf must be pre-ordered and pre-paid.  

The Pickering’s Transport Buronga depot is a receivable depot only:

  • There is no minimum quantity to be picked up,
  • There is no turf stored for spontaneous pickups,
  • There is no turf on display,
  • All orders need to be placed either by phone or by web,
  • The turf is fork-lifted onto your ute or trailer,
  • The turf is sitting on a pallet of which does not need to be returned,
  • The depot is a busy area, so children are to stay in the vehicle at all times.

Turf is heavy – 45 square metres is usually a tonne in weight.

  • Bring an appropriate weight rated ute or trailer
  • Bring appropriate tie down straps

Here at Advance Turf, we pride ourselves on giving you premium products at competitive prices.

Planning turf installation for your home? Let us provide you with fresh-cut buffalo grass rolls. Aside from Mildura, we also deliver to Melbourne, Bendigo, Horsham and Swan Hill areas. You can call Jason, Joan or Joanna at the farm on 0438 056 174 if you have enquiries.