Whether you have buffalo grass or Kikuyu, you want to make sure that your lawn is free from weeds that might damage it. You’d also want to get rid of weeds the eco-friendly way to prevent other problems from arising. 

Fortunately, there are methods to get rid of weeds without resorting to the use of harmful chemicals. These methods will ensure that your lawn will continue to be healthy and well, and you and your family can enjoy a safe, chemical-free lawn!

Manual weeding

The first method for getting rid of weeds is, well, manual weeding. Admittedly, this will require you to put in a bit of effort. But instead of relying on chemicals, all you will need are your hands, a pair of gloves and some simple weeding tools! You’ll also benefit from the mild exercise, and one you’re done, you will appreciate your lawn all the more. 

Using boiling water

Ever heard of using boiling water to kill off weeds? All you have to do is pour a pot over the weeds. The heat will shrivel up the weeds and you can easily take them out after a few days.

Denying sunlight

Another effective method for killing off weeds is by basically smothering them and depriving them of sunlight. This can be easily achieved by using newspaper, cardboard or even old tarps. 

Maintaining the lawn

As they say, prevention is better than cure. This is true even for your lawn. Making sure your lawn is maintained properly lowers the risks of weeds growing in the first place. Mowing your lawn regularly, for instance, goes a long way in preventing seeds from germinating and weeds from sprouting. 

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