Which grass is best for my turf installation?

Before proceeding with your turf installation, you should first make sure that you choose the right grass type for you. There are various premium turf grass types available, from Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo to Mallee Kikuyu and Wintergreen Couch, and it’s a matter of choosing which one suits your lifestyle and the climate in your area best.

The Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo grass variety is ideal for shady areas, though it is also quite tolerant to the sun. It requires less mowing, watering and fertilising as well, making it a low-maintenance choice. It can withstand high foot traffic, so it’s perfect for when you have kids or pets running around too!
Like the Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo grass variety, the Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo grass can flourish equally well in the full shade and beneath the full sun. It can also withstand constant wear from foot traffic due to its self-repairing property. Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo has good tolerance to diseases as well, and it is more resistant to pests such as lawn grub.
The Premium Kikuyu grass variety is frost tolerant, making it an attractive choice for those living in colder areas. Its vigorous growth means it needs regular mowing, and the strong growth also allows it to be highly tolerant to wearing. Pets can enjoy its nice texture and dense coverage.
The Santa Ana Couch grass variety is an all-around lawn that thrives under the full sunlight with its attractive mid-green colour. Extremely hard-wearing, it can withstand high foot traffic and can self-repair rapidly from any damage. It is also soft to the touch, making it highly enjoyable for children and pets.
The Wintergreen Couch grass variety, another drought-tolerant warm season lawn, is considered as the best all-round lawn on the market. It thrives well in full sunlight and it is hardy even under constant wear. Its deep root system allows it to be sufficiently self-repairing as it rapidly recovers from damage.