Keeping your lawn healthy and green takes a bit of work, but it’s a rewarding experience. One of the things you need to regularly do to take care of your lawn is to mow it. Regardless of the grass type, whether you have buffalo grass or Kikuyu, you have to make sure it’s at the right height to facilitate better growth.

Also, if you’ve just finished turf installation, wait 3 or 4 weeks for it to settle before mowing it the first time. This will give the grass more time to become secure and ensure it doesn’t get easily uprooted upon mowing.

Here are some of the best lawn mowing practices to guide you.

Use the right kind of lawnmower

The first rule of lawn maintenance: make sure you have the right tool for the job. You’ll ultimately yield the best results with the correct lawnmower. In fact, your mowing technique can be significantly affected by the equipment you use.

If your lawn is less than 50 square metres, you may consider getting an electric or battery-powered lawnmower. This compact model is perfect for maneuvering in a smaller area. Not only that, it’s also relatively low-maintenance and much quieter than petrol mowers. If you have a bigger area a ride on or powered rive lawn mower is ideal for cutting taller grass.

Whatever lawnmower type you decide on, make sure to keep it in top condition to get the best results. Keep the blade sharp for smoother and easier cutting and oil any moving parts as necessary to prevent rusting. Not only will a well-kept lawnmower get the job done faster, but it will do so at a better quality, too.

Clear any debris from the lawn

Remove rocks, branches and other debris from the lawn before you start mowing. These materials can get jammed in your lawnmower and cause damage. A blade can even break and cause an injury.

Check the appropriate mowing height for your lawn grass

Different types of grass have varying recommended mowing heights. If you are unsure give us a call and we can help you make the right decision. Your lawnmower should have a lever on the side that allows you to adjust the mower’s blade height accordingly.

Alternate the mowing pattern

Your lawn will tend to lean the same way if you consistently mow it in the same direction. Furthermore, mowing in the same direction could lead to your lawn developing stripes that irregularly grow back. Alternating the mowing pattern and direction can alleviate any ongoing lines.

Get fresh-cut lawn grass now!

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