Weeds are pesky little annoyances invading lawns and gardens, regardless whether you have the buffalo grass or Kikuyu lawn turf variety. Dealing with them is unavoidable, and it’s only a matter of how you address the issue to limit its effects. 

Traditionally, gardeners and homeowners opt for chemicals to manage their weed problems. Indeed, chemical herbicides are effective inhibitors of weed growth. 

However, chemical herbicides also cause harm. For one, they can inhibit not just weed growth but also grass growth, resulting in a stunted lawn. For another, chemicals will inevitably seep into the soil, affecting its pH levels and making it less conducive to healthy plant growth.

The disadvantages of using chemical herbicides on the environment far outweigh its benefits. This is why more and more people are choosing organic weed control methods.  

Organic weed control is cheaper

Buying commercially available chemical herbicides can cost a lot. In contrast, organic weed control can be achieved by something as simple as spraying a vinegar solution on the weeds. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which helps in drawing moisture out of the weeds and effectively killing them. 

It is far safer for your household

If you have children or pets prone to rolling around and playing on the lawn, then it’s best that you steer clear of chemical herbicides. With organic weed control, you can rest assured that your lawn is safe enough for both humans and pets, easing your worries of contact with harmful toxins. Also, there won’t be any chemicals that could inevitably run off to hurt animals in their natural habitats or even to contaminate nearby water sources.

It is far more gratifying

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction in pulling weeds by their roots and getting your hands dirty. It’s not practical for most, since it does take time, but the end results are worth it. Better still, getting hands-on in your lawn maintenance and gardening can help improve not only the environment but your physical and psychological health as well!

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