Whether you have buffalo grass or Kikuyu installed, you want to ensure that you take care of your turf well. One of the ways to do that is through aerating. When you notice that your lawn isn’t looking as healthy as it should and that water has trouble penetrating the soil, it may be time to aerate the lawn. 

Aeration is basically helping your lawn and the soil beneath it breathe, so to speak. Clay soils and lawns that experience heavy foot traffic in particular need regular aeration. Aeration helps in breaking down compacted soil so that water and fertiliser can reach the roots, allowing the grass to absorb the nutrients better. 

Preparing the lawn for aeration

Water your lawn thoroughly a couple of days before the planned aeration. This will help the aerator to penetrate the soil more easily. It will also make core aeration easier.

Running the core aerator

A core aerator is a machine that removes plugs or “cores” of soil as well as the thatch, thereby reducing soil compaction. Through running the core aerator, a channel will be created on the lawn, allowing water and other nutrients to penetrate the soil and reach the root systems. There core aerators available for hire from a tool hire shop, or there are also some good manual options available to buy.

Applying compost 

After aeration is an excellent time for you to apply compost to the lawn. The removed cores will serve as good compost too, so you can leave them to decompose on the ground. You can also sprinkle compost over the lawn to fill in the holes.

How often should you aerate?

Most homeowners aerate the lawn once a year, though it still depends on the conditions of the lawn and how much traffic it endures regularly. In dry climates, aeration should be done twice a year to improve lawn turf health.  

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