Meet the Advance Turf Team

We deliver instant turf to you…

We are an Australian family-owned and run small business.

Chris can be found either harvesting or delivering the turf, his wife Joanna is either in the office or out on a forklift – there’s always something to do on the farm! When you contact Advance Turf, you are talking to Jason or Joanna, all with longstanding knowledge of turf. Who will give you honest, friendly advice on which type of instant turf is right for you.

About Advance Turf, Instant Turf

Family owned. Family run. Family focussed.

We only sell our homegrown turf.
All our instant turf is delivered within 24 hours of harvest.
All our soft leaf buffalo is harvested in easy to lay slabs.
You choose your delivery day, that suits you.

We have an industry-leading delivery service; your instant turf is delivered within an hour of the delivery time you were given (assuming no major traffic or breakdowns).

Our network of freight companies consists mostly of trucks mounted with forklifts, so your lawn is unloaded with ease, and you’re not left with empty pallets lying around as we take them back with us straight away.

We very rarely ever cancel orders.
We are an equal opportunity employer.

Here at Advance Turf, we concentrate on producing a quality product with real service, not being the biggest. We want our instant turf to be the feature of your space – and we’re here to ensure you have all the information and assistance you need.

Take a look at our industry-leading lawn harvesting and delivery service, from turf exclusively homegrown on our farm.

As a family-owned and run business, we take pride in our turf products from propagation to delivery.

Every part of the delivery process is handled by one of our family or expert staff members. From the moment the turf is harvested to the delivery to your door, our industry leading delivery process ensures you get highest quality instant turf for your project.

Our mission advance turf icon

We aim to provide a good quality product at a reasonable price, provide our customers with reliable service and trustworthy advice that enables them to live a healthier lifestyle. We aim to provide a range of varieties of premium quality turf so that we can meet the needs of our different customers. We are a family-owned and operated business that ultimately wants to provide other families and businesses with turf that is of a superior quality, at an affordable price.


values advance turf icon

A dedicated team
Customer focused
Committed to continuous improvement
Adding value to the home
Family, health & happiness
Value for money