Can handle full sun and shade

Great for creating green space

Perfect for new builds or old

Tranform large areas easily

Create lovely entertaining areas

A warm season lawn

Grown just for you along the mighty Murray

Kings Pride, the best choice

Give your house a certain class

Kings Price, the recreation King

Finish off unsightly areas with pizzazz

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Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass

The Facts

Colour                        Dark green
Sun vs Shade            Full sun and shade
Leaf Shape                Broad & flat
Drought Tolerance   Yes – warm season lawn
Runners                     Above the ground
Root System             Shallow to medium – 8 to 10 cm
Self Repairing           Yes
Mowing Height          Low to medium


Roll out the green carpet!

Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo grass is a new Australian lawn and was discovered growing wild in Australia.
National trials (conducted from 2002) have demonstrated that Kings Pride soft leaf buffalo delivers a softer, greener, hard-wearing lawn all year round.
Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo grass has excellent wear and recovery under high traffic and is drought hardy.
You can mow Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo lower than other Buffalo varieties as it has less thatch.
Kings Pride soft leaf buffalo loves both shade and full sun.
To control weeds you can use Cleanlawn, Searles Buffalo Master or Searles Bindi & Clover Killer (before using any product, always read the Product Label for full directions, application, safety directions and guidelines) available at local hardware stores and nurseries.

In full sun or part shade

  • Warm Season Grass
  • Drought Tolerant Lawn
  • Excellent wear and recovery under high traffic
  • Drought hardy, requires minimal watering once established
  • Mows low with less thatch and less damage
  • Roots down rapidly to save water
  • Excellent soft feel
  • Dark green in colour
  • Runner based lawn, with runners along the top of the ground & non-invasive
  • Self Repairing and out competes weeds
  • Holds most of its colour in Winter in sheltered areas, however will lose its colour if directly frosted on as the frost burns the leaves
  • Safely treat with all registered herbicides at label rates

Winter Colour
With Melbourne's cold winters, all warm-season grasses will lose colour, due to the lack of sunshine and frosts. In colder areas of Australia, all buffalo grass lawn types will become yellow/brown over winter, resulted from the frosts burning the turf's leaves. If you do get a heavy frost you can help to stop it from burning the lawn by giving quick water in the morning to wash the ice off the leaves.

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